Blind Date with a Book

Even though 14th February is all about Valentine's Day, one should not forget that it is also the International Book Giving Day. The Collegium Hungaricum Vienna offered an entirely new event also celebrating the re-opening of its library.


Collegium Hungaricum Vienna has taken a new initiative and arranged the programme Blind Date with a Book. The occasion was Valentine's Day and the International Book Giving Day, both celebrated on February 14. Moreover, the library of the institute re-opened after being shut down for months due to the pandemic. During the two-day event, “surprise” books wrapped in paper were waiting to be discovered by the visitors of the Hungarian cultural institute. Approximately two hundred books, children's books, art books, catalogues, travel guides, classic and contemporary literature, mainly duplicate copies of the library were given away. For guidance, a card gave a few hints, such as the genre, the date of publication of the book and a few keywords of the content. Just like on a blind date: the reader gets to decide whether a book is a perfect match based on the information provided on the cover. The International Book Giving Day is celebrated worldwide since 2012. It aims at increasing children's access to and enthusiasm for books.