An Interactive Online Dance Course by HCC in New York

Hungarian folk dancer, István Berecz held an interactive, private online folk dance workshop, arranged by the Hungarian Cultural Center in New York, on 21 November 2020. The online event was organized within the framework of the Year of National Cohesion program to replace the traditional North American Hungarian folk dance camp cancelled due to the pandemic.

The artist logged in from the Fonó Budai Music Hall and taught folk dance elements for some thirty participants. The music was provided by “Sarjú Banda”, which became well-known in the popular Hungarian folk music talent show, “Fölszállott a Páva” in 2016. Mr Berecz divided the participants into two groups. He danced with the young generation in the morning, while in the afternoon he taught dance moves to adults but they found time to get acquainted with the equally important related traditions as well.

The workshop attracted many participants from the whole United States, mainly Hungarian Americans from the east coast as well as from Seattle, Los Angeles and Detroit; they all danced together with great enthusiasm.

According to the feedbacks, this program was undoubtedly a great success and, despite the huge distances, contributed to the strengthening of the Hungarian national cohesion.