Recent Events of the György Cziffra Memorial Year

Lately, several events have been organised abroad on the occasion of the Cziffra centenary. Pianist János Balázs gave sold-out concerts in Rome, Passau, Forli and Senlis in honour of the world-famous Hungarian musician.

As part of the memorial year, pianist János Balázs has performed at venues, where György Cziffra thrilled the audience during his time. On June 24, 2021, he played Liszt pieces and transcripts at the Liszt Hall of the Falconieri Palace in Rome. Later, the Hungarian pianist captivated the audience with his piano performance on two occasions at the renowned Europäische Wochen art festival in Passau on July 4. 


On August 23, Balázs performed a concert at the prestigious annual Emilia Romagna Festival. Where he played transcripts of famous Strauss pieces – which were frequently performed by György Cziffra himself.

The opening concert of the memorial year in France took place on 24 September at the Saint-Frambourg Chapel in Senlis. The chapel was bought by György Cziffra in 1975 with the financial help of the French Minister of Culture and serves as home to the Cziffra Foundation, which still provides an opportunity for young artists to perform. The program of the September 24 concert featured transcripts from Bach and Ferenc Liszt, as well improvisations of György Cziffra and János Balázs.

In the coming months, further concerts are planned in eleven cities, in ten countries, with the collaboration of Hungarian missions and cultural institutes.