To Be Consumed by Love - Endre Ady's Women

Date: 11 April - 13 April
Time: 17:00


Krisztián Nyáry's film and theatre play recalls perhaps the most lovable period of the aging Ady's life, in which we can get to know the poet in the intimate emotional web of his legendary lovers.

Four people. A self-destructive man in his mid-30s - beaten by genius and blessed with true genius. An early 40s high society dame, tormented by the slow fading of her beauty. A vivacious, newly divorced young woman in her mid-20s. An immature adolescent girl turning into a purposeful adult woman. The love quadrangle that develops between them is a dramatic situation in itself, but their story is all the more exciting when we know that they are real people. The protagonists of Krisztián Nyáry's play are Endre Ady and his three main loves, Adél Brüll, Zsófia Dénes and Berta Boncza - or as the poems have kept their names: Léda, Zsuka and Csinszka. The texts spoken are exact quotations from the characters' original letters, diaries, reminiscences, Endre Ady's poems, or from the recollections of contemporary witnesses. It takes place in Paris, Monte Carlo, Budapest, Lutry, Florence, Mariagrün, Cluj-Napoca, Csucsá and Érmindszent between 1909 and 1915.

Ady - Sándor Nagy
Leda - Éva Botos
Zsuka - Dóra Kakasy
Chinska - Hanna Kelemen

Screenwriter - Krisztián Nyáry
Composer - Ádám Horgas
Animation designer - Ádám Horgas
Costume Designer - Bujdosó Nóra
Lead Operator - Jenő Kiss
Production designer - Zsuzsa Tompai
Director's assistant - Petra Sallak
Director - Ádám Horgas