Printemps des Poètes - Luxemburg

International Poetry Festival

Date: 25 September - 27 September
Venue:  Neimënster
28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg

On the invitation of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Brussels Ákos Győrffy will represent Hungary at the festival.

Ákos Győrffy has been publishing poems, essays and critiques in journals since 1996. He has published five independent volumes, most recently the Home (Magvető Publishing, 2012). His poems have alsopublished in various journals in English, Slovenian, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Polish.
His books in German: Aus Akutagawas Notizblock (Rimbaud Verlag, 2006, translated by Adamik Lajos and Gerhardt Csejka), Regungslos (Pop Verlag, 2012, translated by Julia Schiff). In preparation: Heimat (Matthes und Seitz, Berlin, 2016).
His awards: Attila Gérecz Award (2000), Zsigmond Móricz Scholarship (2008), NKA Creative Support (2009), János Sziveri Award (2009), March Youth Award (2010), Zoltán Zelk Award (2010), Artisjus Literary Award (2011) , Fiction Fellowship Award (2012), NKA Creative Support (2012), Miklós Mészöly Award (2013), Attila József Award (2014).