Discover Szeklerland

Concert and book launch

Date: 7 December
Time: 18:00
Venue:  Liszt Institute Brussels
Treurenberg 10, 1000 Brussels

Discover the Szekler culture through a special evening with the concert of Koszika & TheHotshots and the launch of the English edition of the book The Szeklers: An Illustrated History.


Funky fills and rhythms, jazzy-bluesy chords, spacey reggae feel, ethno-folk or even drum and bass influences are the most important words that come to mind about Koszika & The HotShots' music. Their lyrics often filled with social criticism talk about important principles, feelings, dreams and fears. They incorporate old folk tunes, rhymes and sounds in their modern, electrically eclectic music. Best served live!


  • Krisztina Koszorus / vocals
  • Frankie Ercsei / drums
  • Szász Csaba / guitar
  • László Sándor / bass

The Szeklers: An Illustrated History

A publication similar to the The Szeklers: An Illustrated History was first published in 2013 in Hungarian. Subsequently, a revised version of the book was published in Romanian and Hungarian in 2020 as an educational publication. Its aim is to summarize the most important information about the Szeklers in a short and comprehensible way for all ages. The reader can discover the history of the Szeklers from the past to the turn of the millennium. And the book includes film and book recommendations, the texts stimulate for further thoughts and reading.

Although the volume is written by eleven historians and teachers of different ages and habits, the overall picture is unified.

The Szeklers: An Illustrated History.

The Szeklers: An Illustrated History.

The authors: Alpár Ferencz S., Albert Forró, Mihály Gusztáv Hermann, Gyula Kádár, János Mihály, Zoltán Novák, István Károly Novák, Zsolt Orbán, Balázs Sepsiszéki Nagy, András Sófalvi and József Sztáncsuj. 

Lucian Nastasă-Kovács, writer of the preface, thinks “that the virtue of the book is that it places the human into the spotlight instead of the dry facts. He finds it a positive that the book includes stories and legends about the specific Szekler occupations, clothing, and work equipment. This makes the book enjoyable for a wide audience and provides a lot of new information for history teachers too.”


  • Zsolt Orbán, author of the book
  • Gusztáv Mihály Hermann, historian

The discussion will be in Hungarian with simultaneous English interpretation.

Initiated by Lóránt Vincze, Member of the European Parliament, the event was made possible with the kind support of HUNINEU, the Office for the European Representation of Hungarian National Communities.

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