Hungarian movies @CinEast in Luxembourg

This year’s Central and East European Film Festival will be held from 7 to 24 October, at various venues in Luxembourg and online. The 14th edition of the festival will present over 100 screenings of 55 features and 35 short films as well as numerous accompanying events, including concerts, exhibitions and cinédebates, and over 20 guests. Amongst them, there are three Hungarian directors: Bence Fliegauf, Kornél Mundruczó and Dénes Nagy.

The international jury will be presided over by the award-winning Romanian director and scriptwriter Radu Jude. The members of the jury are: Michaela Pavlátová, Nicolas Steil, Larisa Faber and Céline Masset.

Bence Fliegauf has been selected for the competition with his movie titled Forest – I See You Everywhere.

Seven hypnotic, fugue-like episodes. Seemingly simple at the beginning, they become increasingly intense until they culminate in a psychological kaleidoscope. Forest - I See You Everywhere is an anthropological exploration in Fliegauf’s typical micro-realist style. Each episode is filmed in claustrophobic closeness, gripping the viewer’s attention like a magnet, accompanied by feverish dialogue through which the wind of anarchy blows.

The movie will be screened on 10 October at 20.30 at Cinémathèque and on 13 October at 21.00 at Ciné Utopia.

Kornél Mundruczó's Evolution and Natural light of Dénes Nagy also take part of the programme.

Three very different stories with three different main characters, whose names serve as the titles of their respective episodes: Éva, Léna and Jonas. A grandmother, a mother and a son. A three-part saga, stretching from the grandmother´s memories and visions of Auschwitz to the life of her teenage grandson in modern day Berlin.

Adapted for the screen from a critically-acclaimed stage production of the Budapest Proton Theater, Evolution is an ambitious film with striking imagery, strong performances and daring camerawork.

The movie will be screened on 14 October at 19.00 and on 19 October at 21.00 at Ciné Utopia.

This movie is a slow, but intense story of the human condition, set in the most testing of environments: war. This is World War II, in the occupied Soviet Union. István Semetka is a simple farmer serving as a Sub-lieutenant in the Hungarian army. In the middle of a swampy forest, his company falls under enemy fire. As the commander is killed, Semetka has to overcome his fear and take command of the unit, being dragged into a chaos that he cannot control.

Natural Light is a rare kind of war movie: low on action, with the horrific main event taking place discreetly off-screen, and the silences between the sparse lines of dialogue are filled with tension. We are witnesses to a long, slow march towards an atrocity.

The director will be present at the first screening on 17 October at 20.30. The second screening is on 21 October at 18.30. Both events are held at Cinémathèque.

The CinEast 2021 Festival's award ceremony will take place on 23 October at 19.00 in Kinepolis Kirchberg before the screening of the closing film - My Sunny Maad by Czech director and jury member Michaela Pavlátová.

We wish good luck to Bence Fliegauf!