Stories from the Mill


Mór Jókai, famous romantic novelist, often compared to Dickens in the 19th century British press and admired by Queen Victoria herself said about Hungarian cuisine: “the secret of the Hungarian culinary art is not only how tastefully it can produce certain dishes, but also how it is served one after the other in a way that the food consumed truly asks for the next one. And when one thinks one is quite satiated, they're serving something new and one has to say, "we will absolutely eat from this!"

As we utterly agree with Jókai, we launched a new video series revolving around Hungarian flavours, Stories from the Mill. However, we will not only share recipes with you, as they are easy to access these days, but we will serve a cultural-historical garnish to the food presented in the videos.

The chef of the restaurant Katlan Tóni Vendéglője Malomhoz, Antal Novotny is our partner in crime for this. In addition to preparing a typical Hungarian dish, the chef offers stories that shed light on the conditions under which our internationally known and popular dishes originate. The stories present, among other things, the influences and historical events that led to the evolution of the traditional flavours used in our kitchen, but we can also find out the sometimes banal reasons that led to great kitchen innovations. Needless to say, we will learn the tricks of preparing a tasty goulash, but we take as well a gourmet journey into the kitchen of abundance, and we also immerse our spoons in the empty cauldron of the kitchen of scarcity.

You can watch the video about the goulash here:

Enjoy the videos! Enjoy your meal!