PÁL HORVÁTH - Singer of colours

PÁL HORVÁTH - Singer of colours

Alike Delacroix or Rimbaud, Pál Horváth makes the colours sing in their unique harmonies, with a preference in the thundering harshness of fireworks to the complacency of politically coloured banality.

Pál Horváth is today at the top of his art, yet he remains this fiery young man who took refuge in Belgium in 1957 who never stopped looking for and is always in search of plastic discoveries, inventions, finds, but never of tricks; a brain in perpetual boiling (sometimes difficult to follow as it is overflowing with energy); a magician of ancient times who without a doubt would survive the 21st century.

May he still amaze us for a long time to come, that's the least we can wish for him.

Ben Durant Brussels, November 2019

the book: PÁL HORVÁTH Singer of colours

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Author: Roger Palm

Roger Palm (° 1942) has no official status, nor title or quality in artistic matters. He is simply an amateur of plastic art, such as music, opera and literature, and he is passionate about history. During the golden sixties, he takes several classes in human sciences - political and social sciences, economics, management, social psychology, psychoanalysis - in Louvain and Paris. Also he goes on numerous visits and study trips to Spain, Finland, and the United States, Canada, Mexico and Japan. Following his doctorate in sociology, he begins a career in academia (Namur, Louvain, Brussels) and in consulting in Belgium and abroad. He goes on missions to Portugal, Benin and Togo. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he teaches and works in Prague; lives in Moscow for two years, then works in 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe which are candidates for the EU. Everywhere he goes, he spends his free time visiting museums, art galleries and art studios. For a long time its home and healing port was a small village in Quercy (France). Today, it is the village of Hesbaye (Belgium) where he retired to write. Since 1970, he writes articles for specialist journals and prefaces for exhibition catalogues and other texts on Antoine Mortier, Jo Delahaut, Ernst Engel-Pak, Mireille Liénard, Yves Zurstassen. In 2017, he published a catalog discussing Jo Delahaut’s graphic work; in 2020, two monographs, Pal Horváth, Singer of Colours and Mireille Liénard, Thirty years of sculpture. He is currently working on a larger project, the study of the relationship to the body in the history of art: Nudity, art and sexuality (provisional title).