Throwback video 2020

2020 has been a challenging year, forcing many of us to adapt to the new reality. We started the year in force with live concerts, book launches and discussions, just to wake up one day to find our venue closed and to see our cultural programming turning upside down.
However, we are human and as such, we are able to adapt. Using creative ways to overcome the difficulties 2020 brought to us, we managed to present to you 100 online, hybrid and offline events. As it happens, more than we originally planned and more than what we could pull together in 2019.
Although 2020 was unprecedented in challenges, this is the time of hurray; this is the time of throwback to our programme. Thank you that remained a loyal follower of our Institute, thank you for coming back weekly to our events, thank you for your likes and shares.
See you soon! We hope to see you soon in person! We miss your presence.
Enjoy the throwback video of 2020!